PARAGON, A History

Paragon’s proximity to NC’s Research Triangle Park and the presence of pharmaceutical companies in the greater Wilmington area have afforded us many opportunities to support clinical research initiatives throughout our two decades in business. In 1995, we dedicated ourselves to supporting clinical research from producing investigator meetings to managing participant enrollment and supporting the success of clinical trials.

PARAGON Global CRS is now one of the premiere clinical research support companies in the world. We have supported dozens of clinical trials and nearly 600 meetings in over 40 countries, and we are proud to bring our expertise in event and personnel management to the clinical research space. We know how tirelessly physicians and researchers work to bring new, lifesaving treatments and cures to the market, and we work just as tirelessly to ensure that their efforts are as efficient and successful as possible.

PARAGON Global CRS has been endorsed by some of the largest CROs and trial sponsors in the world because we understand their needs. We have a proven track record of improving outcomes through our patented service-first approach to business. We believe that technology can enhance a participant’s experience in clinical trials without sacrificing the one-on-one attention they need to get from screening to trial completion. Our software solutions are designed to connect participants with physicians just as our service offerings are meant to eliminate any barriers to participation.



Kasey Rouse : Accounting Specialist

Kasey is from Kinston, NC – made famous by the famous restaurant The Chef and the Farmer, owned by famed restraunteur and chef, Vivian Howard. Otherwise, “it’s really the middle of nowhere, North Carolina.” She went to school at UNCW, studied accounting and business administration, and decided to stay in Wilmington for the beach, her niece, and because Wilmington just feels like the “shoe that fits.” Kasey, who works on our financial team, is a true number lover and routinely works Number Crosswords on her lunch breaks, which baffles most of the rest of us around here. She loves numbers and that’s only one reason we love having her around.

Mission Statement

PARAGON Global CRS is a Wilmington, NC-based clinical research support company that specializes in producing pre-FDA clinical meetings and supporting the clinical research industry and trial participants.

We believe that our work builds on the worthwhile healthcare mission of humanizing patient experiences in clinical drug trials. In all we do, we strive to engage the public and patients as partners in the clinical research process using service-first technologies.

We know that effective service demands meaningful, one-on-one communication, which is why we prioritize listening to, connecting and engaging with one another and those we serve.

          To succeed,

We focus on communicating clear and concise information in a timely manner.

We strongly advocate cross-functional and collaborative teamwork within a respectful and helpful work environment.

We work to streamline our workflows, simplifying our business without sacrificing the quality of our service.

We value the team above ourselves.

Above all, we support you.

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