Since 1995, Paragon Global CRS has dedicated our service to supporting clinical research through the professional production of pharmaceutical meetings and management of patient support services. From Chicago to Tel Aviv, Sydney to Bangalore; whether acquiring international visas or organizing shipping with foreign customs officials, our teams have the expertise and local knowledge to ensure that your pharma meeting runs seamlessly. Paragon has grown to become one of the premiere clinical research support companies in the world, providing tailored solutions to serve the needs of clinical trial patients and their caregivers around the world. We have supported clinical trials through patient travel, logistics and expense reimbursement and planned pharmaceutical meetings worldwide. By providing services that eliminate barriers to participation, we help you to keep your participants engaged in your study so you can focus on trial outcomes.


Paragon Global CRS has two offices to support your clinical research on a global scale. We work to humanize the patient experience in clinical drug trials and further strengthen your research. The journey to clinical trial participation can be challenging when it requires international travel and long-term housing. Often, the responsibility and task of coordinating trial patient travel falls on the study site, creating additional management burden. We provide patient concierge and logistics management to meet the needs of your trial at a local level, wherever in the world your research might be located. Our global meeting services have nearly three decades of experience in over 100 countries, nurturing a diverse network of contacts to best meet the needs of researchers and sponsors. With or without international travel, we can bring your research network together through virtual investigator meetings, dinner meetings and congress events in any phase of your trial.


We help CRO’s ensure the overall success of clinical drug trials because we have built our business around services that foster participant-centric trial support. Patients are met with personalized and focused service from their own travel support specialist, to address any logistics challenges that might arise during their clinical research participation. Patient expense reimbursement and translation services are speedy and direct in an effort to relieve potential financial and language barriers to study participation. Our pharmaceutical meeting planning team ensures that your attendees receive highly responsive hospitality and travel service to produce an effective training and presentation environment. From pre-meeting services to post-event review, we are focused on participant experience to best support your pharma event or training. We know that each interaction with patients, their caregivers, site leaders and sponsors directly impacts your clinical trial. Paragon offers 24/7, international phone support to best serve the needs of our international research network.


 The clinical research support services we provide are designed to meet the specific needs of CROs and sponsors at research sites around the world. Our efforts to create a seamless support environment are focused on the patient and caregiver experience, ultimately reducing barriers to clinical research participation and improving patient retention. To deliver on these promises, we are committed to instilling trust in our industry partners by maintaining high standards for compliance and self-governance.

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