The History of Paragon Global CRS

Thursday, May 17. 2018

Eager to learn a bit more about the stories behind Paragon Global CRS? Are you interested in learning more about the people who make Paragon great? Curious about who provides your study subjects with extra, behind-the-scenes care? Scroll down to learn more about who we are.


Paragon’s Founding


drjIn 1995, Dave Rock, Jr. opened Paragon International, Inc. to provide CME training for medical professionals. Since then we have grown to produce investigator meeting and manage participant enrollment to support the success of clinical trials. We are now one of the premiere clinical research support companies in the world. We have supported dozens of clinical trials and hundreds of meetings in over 40 countries, and we are proud to bring our expertise in event and personnel management to the clinical research space.


The Next Generation


dr3Partnering with his father in 2001, David A. Rock, III was instrumental in expanding Paragon’s capabilities. From CME training to the suite of services that we offer today, Paragon’s leadership in the clinical research industry is a reflection of our president’s commitment to providing professional, worry free service so that medical teams can focus on providing the best care possible.



dmOn the front lines of patient care, Drew Massey joined Paragon in 2007 and now runs the day-to-day operations of our patient logistics team. Whether it’s finding interpreters to provide culturally competent care or moving entire families from across the world to participate in life-saving clinical trials, Drew works tirelessly to ensure that patients get first-class care.



Operations Teams

Whether you’re looking to our executive team for guidance to our service packages and more information on the growth of Paragon or if you’re interested in learning more about the people you speak with on a day-to-day basis, we’re eager for you to get to know us. We’re all busy, but we always have time for a chat; so, give us a call or read below to learn more about our operations teams.



Meeting Planning Team

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Patient Logistics Team

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How to Reach Us

Now that you’re more familiar with who we are, take a moment to reach out to us and let us know more about you and your needs. We love hearing from you; so, give us a call today!

Paragon Global Clinical Research Support (CRS) provides sites, sponsors and CROs with patient logistics, patient travel solutions, event management and meeting planning.

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