Virtual Meeting


Paragon offers scalable Virtual Events / Meetings and we are not learning as we go.  This is something we have been doing for 10 + years!


Up until the day of the meeting, the process is very similar to a Face to Face Meeting/Training Session.  We still send invites and monitor registration, we still communicate with the attendees regarding day of details. Each attendee will still register for the meeting with a branded registration website. 

Pre Virtual Meeting
  • Develop Timeline of Events
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Attendee Invitation (sent via email), Registration & Confirmation
  • Real Time Monitoring of Attendee Registrations
  • Weekly Site List Management & Registration Updates
  • Individual follow-up call to confirm invitation status
  • Provide Attendee Status Report
  • Live System Test with Presenters/Staff/Sites offered, Verify connection speed and computer requirements are appropriate
  • Confirmation email with connection details and pre-event setup instructions
Live Virtual Meeting
  • Dedicated Virtual Meeting Host for Live Event
  • Presenters have ability to share presentations, documents, videos, and screen share
  • Live Video of Presenter (if required, presenter must have appropriate webcam/connection)
  • Customer Support for Attendee (Pre & During Virtual Meeting) via Support Line
  • Interactive Polling Questions and Polling Coordinator
  • Live Q/A Session for Attendees Through Telephone/Chat
Post Virtual Meeting
  • Post Meeting Attendance Reports
  • Budget Analysis & Review


Remote presentation
  • Allows for Global Collaboration
  • Attendees are physically present
  • Maintains team cohesiveness
Remote audience
  • Sensitivity to global time zones
  • Share agenda and content prior to the Virtual Meeting
audience interaction
  • Lure and re-lure your audience with gamification
  • Plan breaks throughout the day
  • Embed check in questions that require responses from audience
  • Follow each client’s policies for virtual meeting security
  • Use one-time PINS and use multi-factor authentication
  • Professional management of the Virtual Meeting dashboard
  • Entire process is managed by an experienced virtual meeting project team

Why Paragon?

When considering a vendor to support your virtual meetings/training sessions, please choose one with years of experience!  The Paragon Global CRS Project Managers and Director of AV Services have 15 – 25 years each industry experience.  We are also unyieldingly dedicated to excellence. 

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